We raised 4 butterflies.

They came to us as tiny caterpillars, no longer than a fingernail.  Over time they grew and grew and grew.

Then, they were shrouded in darkness as each caterpillar formed a Chrysalis around itself.  There it hung, no movement and no beauty, until finally one day it emerged.  A butterfly!  Weak at first, but beautiful and new and complete!

Much like Christ, who hung on a cross and was shrouded in cloth and laid in a dark tomb, but emerged alive and whole and new and perfect.

Isn’t that how hope is?  It grows in us, the longing becoming stronger and the dreams becoming larger.  Then, perhaps you feel it is snuffed out. Darkness covers it and it seems hidden.  But, you can not see the work that God is doing or the changes he is weaving beneath that darkness.  Then, one day, it will emerge.  It will be new, perhaps look different even, but it will be beautiful and perfect and whole.

Don’t lose hope in the darkness.  That may be the place where the most work is being done.  It is simply being done by hands greater and more skilled than your own.  Simply rest in that dark place and wait.


psalm 71: 5-6, 14

For you have been my hope, Sovereign Lord,
    my confidence since my youth.
From birth I have relied on you;
    you brought me forth from my mother’s womb.

I will ever praise you.

As for me, I will always have hope;
    I will praise you more and more.

butterfly2 butterfly3 butterfly4 butterfly1butterfly3butterfly1


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