I do not have a sister.

I have two wonderful brothers.

Because I did not grow up with a sister, I did not understand the blessing that a sister can be.  Of course I wanted one, but it was never a gaping hole in my life.

Thus, when I found out I was having my second girl in a row, I was initially a bit disappointed.  It was the words of all my friends and acquaintances who did have sisters that opened my eyes to the wonderful gift of sisterhood that my daughters were being given.

I did not know to want a sister for my daughter, but I soon became so excited at the prospect and the thought that she would have a friend for life.  No matter the season, stage, or place . . . they would have a friend.


Along came daughter number three, and though I would have loved a son, I had already seen the blessings of sisterhood in my daughters’ lives and was excited to add another friend to the fray!

Then, yesterday, the easiest transition of them all.  Of course, a boy would have been so welcome and an absolute joy and one eldest daughter may have been a little confused and sad that ANOTHER girl was coming. But.  What a dynamic.  What a privilege.  What a challenge!

It is not lost on me that I have been specifically called to raise daughters.  not to simply HAVE daughters, but to raise them and train them. In a world where womanhood has been degraded and made less than the Bible calls it to, I have an important role in raising these daughters.

So, we welcome baby girl number four, daughter number four, sister number four, woman number four to our family.

Now, if only I could think of another girl name!



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