{Third times the Charm}

This third pregnancy really made me think about what baby items I liked and which ones I didn’t.


We purged many things, not only to make space for a third baby, but because we had learned so much from the first two.


Here are a few of the products I decided I wanted this time and a brief review of each one!

Covered Goods Nursing Cover: Best cover for full coverage, comfort, and practicality.

Freshly Picked Moccassins: Only shoes that stay on my babies for the first 6 months. (Pssst they are releasing some moccs tomorrow)


BackPack Diaper Bag: Hands free. I was tired of my Petunia which is heavy and hangs funny, so I picked up one with a wide opening at Target, although my dream bag is a Lily-Jade.

Solly Baby Wrap: I have worn this the most.  I have yet to use my ergo this time around.  This wrap is my absolute favorite baby carrier.

My WildBird sling: Great for quick stops or when you know you will be removing soon!

Bassinet: Smaller and simpler style that fit well in our small space.

Mini Crib: Have yet to purchase one, but looking forward to saving space.

Bows: My favorites are free babes, Miss Giggle Buns, Pennies and Rubies, and Baby Bling.



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