{Freshly Picked Giveaway}


The winner is Emma!  I will message you with instructions.  Congratulations!


You guys have heard of Freshly Picked, right?

I hope you have!

These are my favorite baby shoes. Hands down.

I mean . . .


Gorgeous, right?



Over the past few years I have collected a few through winning giveaways and big sales and I have been so impressed.

They are one of the only shoes that stay on my tiny daughters’ feet, almost from birth (She is still in a size 0 crib mocc at three months old).

The elastic ankle allows them to slip on easily and stay put.

They are also incredibly soft.  My two year-old often wears a pair when we run errands as well since they are so comfortable and great for developing feet.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, they adorable and come in a plethora of colors!  I tend to stick with neutrals to maximize the number of outfits the moccasins can be paired with, but the high quality leather looks amazing in the many bright colors available!

In my opinion, moccasins go with anything, as you can see from the variety of outfits my daughter sports them with! Literally, they are pretty much her only shoes!

Black leggings and a tunic dress? Wear it with moccs!


Vintage yellow baby-doll dress? Rock it with moccs!


Traditional poofy polka-dot church dress?  Moccs will go with that!  You can’t go wrong, truly.


Well, it is your luck day because I am giving away one pair of moccasins on the blog today!  Yipee!

Simply comment with your favorite color and follow Freshly Picked via instagram or facebook.  That’s it! The winner will be chosen on friday and will be able to any color of moccs. Awesome, right?

If I were to get another pair, I would go bold and pick Oasis.  The shade of aqua is pretty dreamy.


* To enter you can not have won any other giveaway including a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins within the last 60 days.




24 thoughts on “{Freshly Picked Giveaway}

  1. After 3 years of trying, my husband and I found out on Tuesday we’re finally expecting.. TWINS!! I love Wink & platinum😍

  2. Just had my baby girl 10 days ago, I’d love blush or wink because who doesn’t love glitter? Love love love them both!!!

  3. Just bought my Crue bear a pair (Malibu) but we have a baby girl joining us in August so bring on the Wink sparkles✨✨✨✨✨✨

  4. Hard to choose but I’ll have to say Salt Water Taffy or maybe even Wink. The boldness of Taffy is pretty dreamy also but Wink is amazing & would go with everything😊

  5. Also adore wink… Or salt water taffy…. OR tickle me pick LoL many of us have little ladies on our hands🎀😘

  6. I would love love, granite or blue spruce! I usually love to give an exact answer but I’m trying to be different on my first Mother’s Day to say that it would mean the world to be surprised with either one of the two colors as such a gracious gift! Thanks!!

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