{She’s Here}

This title is a bit misleading . . . because she has been here for over 2 months!

However, I’ve let the blog go to focus on life as a family of 5.  I even considered giving it up all together.  But, this is such a great way for me to catalog my children’s growth and it keeps me accountable for taking those adorable monthly photos that I love and treasure from my first two!

Our little Sonora Rose was born on January 29th!  My labor seemed to be progressing as usual . . . slow . . . and I was hoping to stay out of the hospital until midnight for financial reasons.  By 8 pm it was clear that I needed some pain relief, so we went into the hospital.  Less than 2 hours later and with barely enough time to receive an epidural (I had it for the last 20 minutes while I pushed), she was here!  It was much faster at the end and MUCH more painful than the previous two.

Let’s not focus on that, however, as it makes me relive the trauma!  AH!  Let’s focus instead on how adorable our sweet little one is and how much we love her!

IMG_6072 IMG_6079 IMG_6081  IMG_6160 _MG_6270 _MG_6271 _MG_6301 _MG_6393 _MG_6395 _MG_6403 _MG_6415 _MG_6425 _MG_6435 _MG_6468 _MG_6478

Fun fact: After texting my family a photo and letting them know she had safely arrived, I received a text from my sister-in-law that her water had broken and she was heading to the hospital . . . the same hospital as me.  Lo and behold, Sonora’s cousin was born less than 12 hours after her.  They even had their first play date in the hospital!  So special! They were even dedicated on the same day!



Having three has been much easier than I anticipated, but still presents new challenges. We’ve gotten into the swing on things and this baby is much loved in our family!

We’re so happy you’re here, sweet girl!



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