Baby #3: 39 weeks


You guys.

I. am. huge.

39 weeks and counting and still no baby. It is pretty much all I think about, every waking minute.

Each Braxton Hicks, each twinge, each ache . . . they all make me overanalyze and wonder . . . could this be it?

I am really, really hoping for a baby this weekend for a number of reasons:

  1. It works out well for my mom to come.
  2. It works out well for hubby’s time off from work.
  3. It works out well for my time off from work.
  4. There is a church event I have been planning that is next weekend and I REALLY want to go!
  5. I. am. huge.

This third pregnancy is admittedly the most uncomfortable one I’ve experienced. Something to do with the two kids I already have and my lack of exercise. hmmmm.

To top it all off, I came down with a gnarly cold yesterday.  HOORAY!  I am praying that I kick the cold before labor begins or at least stop coughing.  Coughing and contractions does not seem like a fun combo.




In good news, I have accomplished a ridiculous amount of projects and feel pretty prepared.

In bad news, I keep thinking I’ve stocked up, grocery shopped, and cleaned various parts of the house for the last time before baby . . . aaaaand then she doesn’t come and I have to do it again.

Yesterday, I sewed a rice pack for heating up and using during those lovely nursing contractions.

Today, I plan on making a new boppy cover because why the heck not?! I’m also doing weird nesting things like washing all the sheets again and all the pillow covers in the house.

I’ve reorganized pretty much everything and sold some stuff via craigslist and I CAN’T STOP from doing 5 million things because it is better than twiddling my thumbs and waiting.

Hubby and I both have had haircuts and I finally used last year’s gift certificate for a mani, pedi.

Today I took the girls to the library to stock up on some new books and I hope our little one arrives before they get tired of reading them. HA!



The official due date is the 20th.  When do you think she’ll come?

I can’t believe this little one will soon be in our arms.  I am eager to see what she looks like and so very eager to see her sisters’ reactions to her.  Just today, as we were snuggled in bed reading books before nap time, they both laid their little heads on my tummy, rubbed it gently and kept saying her name in the sweetest of voices.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet girl.

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