{Ellery’s 2nd Birthday}

I was at a loss as to a theme for Ellery’s birthday party for so long.  I told my husband, “All she likes is shoes!”

So, we went with that and had a dress-up theme!  It was perfect and she became even more obsessed with dress up over the past few months while I was planning!

We had to rent a location since her birthday is in the winter and our home is too small for an indoor party.  It was wonderful because I was able to rent the old historic schoolhouse that I have always loved and it did rain on the day of her party.

Decor was pretty simple.  Gold, black, white, and a little teal.

Some metallic doorway decor, some sparkly signs, a couple gold balloons, white christmas lights, some signs and pics of the babe.

I kept the food easy as well.  Pretty much all pre-packaged stuff and then some boxed cupcake mix.

I focused more on having good activities since I knew a lot of older kids would be there.

We had dress-up clothes, face paint, mask making, and cookie decorating!

Ellery had a blast and it was a special day for her.  I think her favorite part were the balloons! HA!

Can’t believe our “baby” is two!IMG_5892_MG_5899_MG_5910_MG_5912IMG_5920IMG_5932_MG_5933IMG_5940IMG_5930IMG_5906IMG_5908IMG_5941IMG_5904IMG_5905




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