{Baby #3: 36 weeks}

baby3 -36weeks

36 weeks. Full term.

This pregnancy is drawing to a close. Suddenly we are looking at less than four weeks before a new little one will join our family.

Overall, I would say I am feeling pretty good, but these last few weeks have definitely marked a change. If I could sit on the couch all day I gladly would. If I could sleep in until eight or nine each morning, I probably would. The crazy movements and braxton hicks have become more painful and uncomfortable and less enjoyable. I’ve had a few real contractions here and there. Sleeping is pretty much uncomfortable no matter which position I attempt.

But, other than that, I feel great, ha!







We’ve been knocking projects off our list and I know we won’t get to all of it, but there are still some things we’d love to do.

The baby clothes and diapers are ready. The bassinet it set up. We reorganized all the closets in the house to improve storage, we’ve purged and rearranged and created nooks and storage for a new person’s things to fit in our tiny abode.

I still want to deep clean, spray paint a few items in the girls’ room, do a little sewing and crocheting, hang a few decorative items, wash the baby carriers, clean out the infant car seat, and . . . well you see what I mean!

Mostly, I am just looking forward to snuggling our baby and seeing what she will look like!

Here we go!

_MG_5968 _MG_5969

baby3 - 7weeksbaby314weeksbaby319weeks

baby3-25weeksbaby3-30weeksbaby3 -36weeks



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