{The Third Time}



This pregnancy has been humming right along and as we near little one’s due date I am getting eager to hold her and to experience a third baby.

I was just telling my husband last night that I’m excited for the special ways in which we will enjoy this child.  With two babies behind us, we have learned so much to help us enjoy and savor this newest one.



I am eager to hold and snuggle and babywear constantly.  I am eager to just let it go if she won’t fall asleep on her own right at four months and I’ll simply sling her on my body instead.

I am grateful that God has grown me these past three and a half years as a mother and brought me to a place of greater patience (notice I said greater patience, not complete patience . . . ahem) and to a slower pace of life.

I am excited for the ways we have been simplifying our home in order to make room for a third babe (and fifth person) in our little 816 square foot abode.

I am looking forward to each sigh, gurgle, and wiggle as I have seen these times fly by with my other two.

I am thankful for the perspective I have and for knowing that each phase of newborn, infant, and toddler life is simply that . . . a phase.  They won’t always nurse all night, they won’t always be teething, they won’t always refuse to eat solids.  Each phase, though often difficult and exhausting and even painful at the time, passes so quickly and will soon be a fleeting memory.

I am hoping to begin new traditions.  I am longing to pray continually and specifically for this daughter and each of my daughters.

I am not “ready” in terms of stuff and space and energy, but I am so ready in my heart for this child.



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