{Anatomy of a Rainy Day}


I’ve been longing for autumn.

It’s my favorite season and a season that hasn’t visited our town for a few years.

Living in a place with a much milder climate that I grew up in and also suffering a multi-year drought has left me parched (pun intended).

I’ve been obsessively showing my husband photos of fall foliage and drooling over the instagram accounts of those in the midwest. I want a real fall.  I want chill and rain and a reason to snuggle up under a blanket.

So, today, with the first REAL rain in ages (people in this area tend to view mist as rain), we’ve been doing all the things that have been on my heart.

Family snuggles in bed – miraculously this occurred at 6:30 despite the time change – were followed by breakfast together by candlelight and with the Netflix fire going in the background.

That netflix fire has been on ALL. DAY. LONG. along with intermittent music and candles everywhere.

There was some fun blanket snuggling in the girls’ room – a lovely place to watch the rain – some yoga time for mama which included duplo trains being driven on the yoga mat and mama being used as a tunnel while in downward dog.

There was puddle jumping and wet clothes.

There was cinnamon banana apple making and then eating while they were warm and fresh from the oven.

There were numerous books read while we snuggled under a blanket on the couch.

There was coloring and art projects galore.

There were a few chapters of A Little Princess with the toddler while snuggled in mama’s bed watching the rain outside.

There was Bible study.

There is potato, broccoli, and cheddar soup going in the crockpot.

There will be more snacks and playing and tidying up and laundry folding.

If the rain does stop, there will be a cool afternoon walk or possibly more puddle jumping time.

There will be a candlelit dinner for sure and then family time. There will be cozy pajamas and bedtime stories and most likely at least one crazy toddler who won’t want to go to sleep.

Then, finally, when the sky is dark and the air is fresh, I’ll open the windows.  I’ll keep the candles lit and the “fire” on and I’ll heat some cocoa up and hubby will do his Bible study preparations while I grade student papers.

Thank you, Lord, for a break from the heat and the monotony.  Thank you for reminders to slow down, stay in, and snuggle up.

Thank you for rain!

Is it raining where you are?  How do you enjoy a rainy day?


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