{25 weeks – baby #3}



It’s been a bit since my last bump update.

Life is a busy, wonderful thing and while I may not have as many bump photos for this third child, in some ways I am more eager and emotional about her arrival than the others.

Perhaps it is the loss of two little ones before her.  Perhaps it is that I know now how quickly those baby days go by.

I am longing for a tiny one to hold in my arms again!


_MG_5623 _MG_5625 _MG_5626 _MG_5628


As you can see, I have grown A LOT in the past 6 weeks.  Like whoa!  I keep seeing people who are almost due and whose bumps are smaller than mine!  Yikes.  I am going to be a giant this time. Hence the switch to a maternity dress for these photos.

Oh well.

Overall this pregnancy has gone well.  I am very tired and more slow-moving than with my last two pregnancies and I am hungry all the time.   I also get braxton hicks pretty frequently, so it’s a bit uncomfortable.

The most exciting news is that with the help of some family, we were able to find a used car that will actually fit three children in car seats!  Hooray!  We won’t have to walk home from the hospital as I feared. HA!

We also have a name chosen . . . I think . . . I never really fully commit until the baby is in our arms.  It is a name we have considered for each child and a name I have loved forever, so chances are pretty high that it is a winner!

I can’t believe this little 9 inch, 1.7 lb girl will be here in 14 weeks (or less?)!


baby3 - 7weeks  baby314weeksbaby319weeks baby3-25weeks


2 thoughts on “{25 weeks – baby #3}

    • A used (lots of miles) Honda Odyssey. It is amazing to have a van! Work is good. I’ll take two weeks off of actual teaching and have a sub, but I will still be grading. I’m almost done with the whole year of lesson plans though, so I won’t have that!

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