{5 Years}

5 years ago I was sitting in my living room while a makeup artist carefully gave me a “natural” yet beautiful look and twisted my hair into a complicated updo.

Five years ago I was surrounded by girlfriends and family.

I put on a full-length gown with bling that laced up in the back.

I was surrounded by flowers and food and festivities.

Five years ago I married my husband and then we took off for a week of adventure and leisure in kauai.

Nanninga-Wedding-073 Nanninga-Wedding-160 Nanninga-Wedding-393 Nanninga-Wedding-429 Nanninga-Wedding-324 Nanninga-Wedding-699 Nanninga-Wedding-672

Today, I ran to starbucks at 6:30 (the kids were already up) and grabbed a couple of drinks and sausage sandos for the hubby and I to “celebrate” with.  My ever-expanding 24 week pregnant belly made getting into the car with two coffees and a purse a bit challenging.

i then ate breakfast with the hubby while admonishing my children to not spit their cereal out of their mouths, helping my oldest complete a school workbook page and packing a lunch.

We all kissed daddy goodbye and then us three girls finished eating, traced tiny hand and fingers and cut them out for a “project” as my toddler calls them.

I got the girls dressed in stained playclothes and cleaned up their room.

Now I’m letting them watch a Bible verse video, so I can sneak in a shower.

Later tonight hubby and I are pretending we don’t have a budget and are going out to dinner at a fancy spot.

Though life today looks vastly different than that glamorous day five years ago, it is far better.

I wish I could enjoy those first few days of marriage as the woman and the couple that we are now.

So many more challenges.  Two . . . almost three babies, two miscarriages, one rental, one home, five chickens, a dog we said hello to and then goodbye to, vacations, loss of grandparents, new friends, friends moving away, good times, hard times.  All in five years.

Truly, it has all made us so much stronger and closer.  We were just talking the other day about how glad we are that we somehow miraculously got married since now we love eachother so much! HA!

We thought we loved each other then and we did, in a naive and exciting way.  Marriage, however, has grown that love to be so much more! I can’t wait to see where we will be in another five years!

Happy Anniversary, babe!

**If you’ve never heard our love story, here is a link to get you there:



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