My toddler woke up at 6:20 and woke up the other toddler.  Wait, is a three-year-old a toddler?  What do you call a three-year-old?  A child?  A kid?


I was up super early, so I made a quiche . . . for breakfast tomorrow . . . but I ate some today.  It was delish.

Then, it was play time and dishes and a little play session with the cousin.

Then lunch with Daddy at the park, but it was too hot.  We bailed to Starbucks for a cold beverage.

Home for naps and lunch and work and now my daughter is singing “Poor Old Michael Finnegan” on repeat while coloring with dull markers (shudder).

Here’s a peak into what the rest of the week looked like for us via my instagram feed:

Hello heat wave!  Seriously . . . everyone brags about the weather here, but the past few weeks have been awful!  Too hot!  Too hot for no AC and no trees and a pregnant body! Supposedly this weekend will be hot as well.  I might go hide in Costco! Last week we snuck out to a cooler canyon and hit up a local apple farm for apple cider pops!


We had some exciting news this past week.  It’s a girl.  THREE GIRLS!  Honestly, the concept of having so many girls never crossed my mind because I don’t have any sisters.  But, I’ve been thinking about what this will mean for our girls and the built-in support network they will always have for the rest of their lives.  Isn’t that a beautiful thing?  I think so.


Along those same lines, I told my husband it is a good thing I had brothers instead of sisters and that I grew up hiking and working on cars.  I think it will keep him from being overwhelmed by girly-ness.  Exhibit A:  Addie got herself completely soaked in salt water and proceeded to make sand angels.  She is definitely not afraid of being dirty!


We had like ONE day where it was misty and cooler last week.  I jumped all over that and we lit candles, played music, and made forts!  It was awesome.


Addie is obsessed with school and “doing workbooks”.  So, we do some form of school most morning and then some activities in the afternoon.  Number matching and learning about fall called for a shared cup of tea with my girl.  She loved it and it was a special time for us.


Hubby is gone tomorrow, so I am on my own with the girls . . . in the heat.  Wish me luck!

What is your weekend looking like?  Is it still summer where you are or has fall mercifully arrived?


One thought on “{insta-love}

  1. I spent a lot of time wandering the frozen food aisle at Safeway when I was expecting Caty Mae!

    You’ll find three girls an adventure. I love that now, as adults, they talk to each other regularly, supporting one another even though they live in different cities.

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