{19 weeks}

I am a wee bit behind on my pregnancy updates.

Baby is 20 weeks old today and the size of a mango.

Here is last weeks pic of 19 weeks!


. . . and for the sake of comparison . . .

baby319weeks baby314weeksbaby3 - 7weeks

I am definitely feeling better.  As long as I eat, I don’t feel sick! Of course, I am hungry allll the time.

My exhaustion level was pretty high due to my anemia, but my iron pills have begun to help.

I get pretty bad backaches while pregnant (a precursor to the awful back labor I always experience) and I have already been having uncomfortable Braxton Hicks, but other than that I’m great. HA!

Best of all, I have been feeling baby move a bit.  This is both comforting and anxiety-enducing.  Comforting because each movement reassures me that the child is well.  Anxiety-enducing because I get very worried when I don’t feel movement.

I know this is the repercussion of my two miscarriages and I am trying not to worry too much.

My next appointment is next week and then in about 9 days we will find out the gender.  I can’t wait!

Can’t believe I am half way there!  So much to do and so much joy to be had.


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