Better late than never!

Here is my friday instagram review of the week . . . or past two weeks.

We have lunch with daddy once a week.  On this particular day, I made Addie a flower chain bracelet and she requested the leaf to be part of it.  it turned into a cool cuff.  I love it!


Our sunflowers exploded while we were gone, as did our tomatoes.  I’ve tried to use as many of the tomatoes as possible, but I’m running out of ideas!


Bible stories at bedtime is a nightly occurrence and Ellery has finally started sitting through all of them.  She took a little longer than Addie to hold her interest.


We’ve started some unofficial home preschool.  It’s very simple and easygoing and child led and I love it and Addie loves it too. On this particular day, we cut some sunflowers, read books about sunflowers from the library, and made a sunflower out of construction paper.  Then Addie added some drawings of other things she saw when we picked the sunflower: an ant, a fly, grass, and the sun!


They’ve been playing together so much more the past two weeks and on this morning they spent almost a half hour reading together in their room and each time I checked on them, Addie requested that I close the door.


My hubby had a birthday this week!  I love this man!  It is always fun celebrating him.  We did dinner out at his favorite burger joint with the family, did a bbq with friends, and went bowling.  I made him two cakes and this weekend he is going to the shooting range and out for tri tip with the dudes.  I’d say that is a good birthday week.  But, what is really awesome about this man is that he worked through one lunch and after work late two days this week to make us some extra dough.  He takes care of his family so well.


These girls have some pretty awesome eyes and the morning light caught it just right.  Plus, they were hugging.  Cutest!


I’ve been organizing and cooking and trying to stay out of the heat all week.  We had a heat wave that sent me to the pool with the girls twice this week!

I’m purging clothing (regular and maternity) and trying to prepare my wardrobe for the rest of this pregnancy.  I am even trying out Stitch Fix (once, I think) for pregnancy clothes.  Have you tried it?  If you use my link it will give me a credit, which would be cool and all, but really you should just check it out and tell me what you think.   https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/5841356 I’m on the fence about it.  I typically shop only clearance racks and with coupons (example, the $1 flip flops I purchased for my daughter and the $5 top I purchased for myself from Old Navy this week).  I imagine it would be nice post-pregnancy when you don’t want to wear maternity clothes, but your old clothes don’t fit and the last thing you want to do is leave the house.  So, I’m unsure how I will feel about Stitch Fix.  I’ll let you know!

Have a great weekend!


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