{Menu Plan Monday}

So, I’m sitting here eating leftover Pioneer Woman Beef Fajitas from last night and I’m thinking about food.

Because I’m pregnant and hungry all the time, and because I generally love food, and because I need to grocery shop tomorrow.

I also often get questions about meal planning and prep.

I also went to a freezer meal class at my church and then had an amazing experience of making freezer meals with some girlfriends last week (9 meals each for $60 in two hours – and all of them are crock-pot meals!)

So, basically, food is on my brain.

I thought I’d start sharing some of my meal plans here to help inspire and encourage others in their cooking.  I view cooking as a way to bless my family and that is what keeps me creative in this area.

Note: My kids don’t eat all these meals, but will often eat some of it or I make a simple meal for them on nights when I want to make something extra special for hubby and I.

I haven’t yet made this week’s dinner meal plan, so here is this past week:

MONDAY: One-Pot sausage pasta (This was a use what you have meal after returning from our road trip) and 30-minute rolls (Absolutely delicious).

*Kids ate sausage, roll, and broccoli on the side

TUESDAY: One-Pan Taco Casserole

* Kids ate some of this and then some leftovers

WEDNESDAY: Avocado Pasta Salad with Corn on the Cob

* kids ate the corn on the cob and couple bites of pasta

THURSDAY: Crock-Pot Chicken Curry with rice and green beans

* kids ate this.

FRIDAY: leftovers from Thursday

SATURDAY: Beef Fajitas

*We made this later than usual for us while kids had a movie night.  They had PB and J, carrots and hummus

SUNDAY: Chicken Pot Pie  (doubled to freeze one for a later time)

*kids ate this

For breakfasts, we change it up a lot as well.  This week we’ve had oatmeal, egg-in-the-hole, fried eggs and bacon, french toast and fruit, egg scramble, and apple-cinnamon muffins.

Lunches are typically sandwiches (tuna, egg salad, pb and j, BLT), yogurt, fruit, smoothies, crackers, cheese, leftovers, carrot sticks and hummus, etc.

There you have it!  One week of meal ideas, which apparently were almost all found on Pinterest this time.  Ha!

I hope this links are helpful!  What are you cooking this week?  I need to do my meal plan and I love trying new things!


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