{Making the 4th Matter}

I love holidays and I love the 4th of July.

There has always been something about lying on my back on a baseball field with hundreds of other Americans, watching fireworks booming overhead, that has made me so thankful that I was born in this land.

This year, we will be missing out on that great fireworks display since we will be staying local rather than visiting my hometown (The town we live in doesn’t really do much for the 4th).

However, I still want to make it special.  So, a church picnic and a fun BBQ with friends it shall be.

I also like to connect each holiday we celebrate to scriptures.  I like to provide our children with a connection to their Savior whenever we celebrate a holiday.  It is part of our family creating our own traditions.

So, here are some verses we will be focusing on this 4th.

What will you be doing?  Something fun and festive, I hope!  Happy Independence Day!

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