{Picking Blueberries}

Living near an Agricultural University has its perks.

This past weekend we rode our bikes down to the U-pick farm.

We picked and ate and picked and ate and had a blast!

The setting wasn’t bad.


The blueberries were delicious and abundant and now I want my own bush.  How does one go about that, I wonder?

_MG_5219 _MG_5220  _MG_5224 _MG_5225

This one put each one she picked directly into her mouth.  She was in heaven!  Food at her own height?  No waiting for someone to feed you?!  Also, I now realize that I no longer need to cut her blueberries in half.  I might be a liiiiiitle paranoid about choking.

_MG_5222_MG_5227 _MG_5230 _MG_5234 _MG_5239_MG_5226

There were also peaches, which will be made into a delicious cobbler today!  Ellery was our taste tester.  I think she approved.

_MG_5240 _MG_5244

It was a great family adventure!


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