{Living Life}

Hello there.  Remember me?

We’ve been busy just living life.

The school year is coming to a close and I am busy grading and planning for the online summer course I will teach.  I’ve also been doing some other online jobs.  Hubby has been busy with a side job here and there as well.

We’ve also been having tons of fun together. Here’s a little peek into what we’ve been up to lately.


These two play together more and more.  There is less frustration and more fun and I am so thankful for it!



Hubby and I started reading “Unbroken” together. Sometimes we read right before bed and sometimes we make a fire and eat S’mores while reading.  It’s pretty awesome.


This girl had a birthday.  My cousin, who is a mere two months older than me and is more like a sister.  We’ve been to every birthday party, sleepover, and holiday together.  We’ve camped together every summer and sat up late watching shooting stars and talking.  I love this girl!



Hubby went to the mountains for a men’s retreat.  I was so happy that he was able to have this getaway to refresh, be challenged, and have fun!  So, it was just me and my girls and me and we did a lot of art projects . . . sometimes at 7:30 am!  Ha!


I also had a girls’ night with my growth group girls while the hubby was away.  We did facials and nails and made these awesome macrame plant hangers! They were ridiculously easy.  I made 3.  Then I made a macrame yarn banner.  I can’t stop!


I try to combine errands with a fun activity for the kiddos.  We stopped at a park after errands last week and the fields were carpeted with these little white flowers.  They were so fragrant!  It was amazing.  It also caused an epic allergy attack, but I am pretty sure it was worth it!


I am hoping to have a garden this year that actually produces and then to maintain it throughout the year.  My in-laws came over to help us prep the first garden bed and to lasagna mulch it.  Have you heard of lasagna mulching?  I hope it works!  So far I’ve planted tomatoes and some zuchinni and sqaush as well as various flowers.  I want to add carrots, peas, Kale, and some more zuchinni. Time to get busy!


Our church had a Ladies’ Night Out and there was an Italian Soda station, which was delicious . . . and pretty!


Our adventures have been continuing and we took a bike ride over to the local University to check out the baby horses.  The littlest climbed up on the fence and, of course, big sister followed suit.


The bike ride was made possible by this new contraption.  I’ve been wanting one for awhile, but knew we had to wait until the littlest was a year old and then I kept watching the price drop.  The price finally went low enough for us to feel comfortable with the purchase and we are in love! We’ve been out twice with it in the week since we bought it and have more rides planned for this weekend!



How have you been living life lately?  Is it a busy time of year for you as well?


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