{Cooking . . . for the Glory of God}

So, you may remember when I wrote this post about how The Pioneer woman changed my life!

Then, I gave you links to four recipes and that was it.  Sad.

So, here I am with some more favorite recipes!  None of these are original to me, but I love trying new recipes I find online and I always feel better knowing that someone else has made them and enjoyed them.  Here are some tried and true and some new favorites!

Pioneer Woman Lasagna

Chicken Pot Pie (My husband’s favorite and paired with the Better Homes and Garden Deep Dish Pot Pie crust)

A delicious (and gluten-free) dessert: Flourless Chocolate Cake

These breadsticks!

Also, here are a few things I do to make cooking a slightly more involved meal a bit easier:

  • Prep ahead: I will sometimes cook chicken needed for a recipe in the crock-pot (I start in the morning and it is ready when I need it later. Likewise, veggies can be chopped at an earlier and more convenient time or cheese can be grated ahead of time.
  • Casseroles, lasagnas, and other one-dish meals can be made ahead of time and re-heated at dinner time.  In fact, many of these recipes are better once they have had a chance to “firm up” prior to being eaten.  So, I will sometimes cook them during nap time.
  • Keep the dishes clean:  Cooking is so much less stressful for me when the sink is empty.  I know I won’t be adding to an already overwhelming mess!  A clean sink also leads to many more spontaneous baking episodes than I would otherwise indulge in!

So, how has your cooking been going?  Are you asking your husband for suggestions?  Are you willing to cook what he wants, not just what you want?  Even if it doesn’t meet the diet, budget, or tastes you prefer?  Are you trying new things?  Have any favorite recipes to share?

Remember, you can (AND SHOULD) cook for the glory of God!


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