It’s friday! Hooray!

It’s been a great day so far.  Our kids slept ’til 7:15, so we ignored our alarms and slept in until 7am.  It was epic!

Then, the girls and I met up with the cousins for a fun walk down a local bike/walking trail.  We hung out at a playground on the trail before heading back.

Afterwards, I drove the girls down a backroad and we stopped at a little winery/farm for a picnic lunch while peacocks and friendly dogs roamed the grounds.

It was a lovely morning.  Now, i’m hitting the afternoon slump, but trying to finish strong with laundry folding and maybe some fun outdoor time for the girls.

It’s leftover homemade chicken-pot-pie for dinner and Strawberry Buckle for dessert and the girls are dancing to Worship music as I type this up.  Sorta a lovely day, I’d say.  I mean, I haven’t showered, but oh well!

How has your week been?  Here’s a peek into what we’ve been up to lately via instgram pics.

I love instagram and I just ordered my first Chatbooks filled with insta pics.  Here is a free code for you.  Simply download the app and it creates a book for you (you can edit it for which pictures you’d like to include).  It takes about 5 minutes and shipping is free as well!



This girl LOVES to read!  It is the only way I am surviving her early departure from naps.  She will “Read” for an hour and lately has been into reading abridged classics that have a few black and white pics here and there.  Seriously.  She isn’t even three!


A rare occurrence of dual and simultaneous naps led to this beautiful painted front door.  I love it!


My youngest brother came into town so we triple dated with him and his girlfriend as well as with my other brother and his wife.  It was a blast!


I feel like holidays are so much more meaningful with children since we are trying to teach them the meaning of each holiday and Christ’s significance in each holiday.  Easter was a wonderful day and these girls in their Easter dresses was a sweet sight.


Bible story reading is a nightly event (We use the Jesus Storybook Bible) and even Ellery begs to sit on daddy’s lap.


It rained!  For one day, but still: rain!  So, we lit some candles and played classical music and left the lights off to keep it cozy.  I sorta liked it.


I often wonder what she is thinking as she surveys the view. I hope she always delights in creation.


One of Addie’s favorite views is the mountain that she can see from our bedroom window.  We finally hiked it and she was ecstatic!

7 6

We babysat the cousins and I honestly felt like four kids was easier than 2. The three older ones entertained each other the entire afternoon and then it was mac ‘n’ cheese for all around the kiddie table outside.


We’ve been doing some very informal pre-k activities around here and for fun I pulled out this book from the 1800’s.  She absolutely loved it and had me read page after page to her.  I loved how the stories weren’t “dumbed down” and how they taught useful things such as how to row a boat!


A friend’s birthday party and sisters = sharing dessert.  So sweet.  Makes me wish I had a sister!


Oh, this toddler of mine.  I have absolutely no idea how she got on this bed and have not witnessed her repeat the skill.  So, the mystery remains.


How was your week?  Has your friday been a good one?  We have tons of plans for the weekend, which include a possible bike ride, watching some hardcore dragster tractors race, attending an African drum concert and a few yard projects as well!

Happy Weekend!


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