{A Christ-Centered Easter for Toddlers}



It’s almost here.

Easter has not been a holiday that held as many traditions for me as other holidays do.  Thus, as the hostess for Easter and now as a mom during Easter, I have been considering and creating new traditions.

Central to those traditions is the meaning and purpose of the holiday.

Easter is ALL about christ.  This holiday is central to our faith.  Christ died for our sins.  He took our sins upon himself and suffered an agonizing death on a cross.  Then, he rose again and ascended to heaven that we too may one day live forever with him, if only we confess our sins and trust Christ as our Savior.

It’s amazing and wonderful and I want to give this holiday the honor and reverence it is due.

Doing this with small children can be a challenge. So, I’ve been compiling some ideas from across the internet and making them our own.  Hubby and I chose a few that we think will work well for our family at our current stage of life.

Here they are:

1. Books:

We have a number of books that come out at Easter time.  These books are for toddlers and/or small children and focus on the Easter story.  They are great for teaching the story of Christ’s sacrifice and also good jumping off points for discussion.  We read them at night, dinner, and whenever.  We leave them out in a central location in the weeks leading up to Easter and they are read many times before Easter Sunday comes. We also read the Jesus Storybook Bible nightly and we are right on track with the Easter story this year.  So cool!

BOOKS WE USE ( The Easter Story, What is Easter, God gave us Easter)

2. Resurrection Eggs:

This is a new one for us this year.  I followed this example and then decorated them a bit for fun.  I let her play with them at select times and then we do the full activity with Bible verses included at dinner.  If she asks for them at other times, we can do it with the short explanation for each egg.  I loved this activity and she had the purpose of each egg memorized after two times.  I hope to have her perform it for everyone at the Easter lunch.

_MG_5141 _MG_5142

3. Easter Morning Sunrise Worship:

I have been to some amazing sunrise services before.  Overlooking Bryce Canyon while the Pinnacles were covered in snow.  At a church’s outdoor amphitheater. However, with small children, getting up and ready and out the door and to a location before sunrise is tricky.  However, our kids do rise before sunrise most days.  So, we plan to do some sunrise worship.  Our daughter loves to watch the light from the sun gradually light up the mountain from our bedroom window.  So, we plan to either have some Bible reading time and morning treats on Mommy and Daddy’s bed or to bundle up and head outside to enjoy the sunrise and to worship.  Perhaps a reading of an Easter book, more resurrection eggs, or some music.  This will be our first year attempting this, so Im excited! We may try Resurrection rolls as well!

4. The Meal:

We host a potluck style Easter lunch with family every year.  I cook the ham, make some bread and a pie and then everyone else fills in with other dishes.  It’s great.  This year, I used a children’s Resurrection story from HERE and created my own paper strips (rather than napkin rings) that contained pieces of the story.  These will be placed at each adult’s place setting and we will read it before we eat.  It’s a great way to remind everyone why we are celebrating with a delicious meal! I plan to also bring out some coloring pages of the Easter story for my daughter to work on when she is bored from the meal. Then, these can be hung up and discussed post-Easter as reflection on the holiday. I’m also considering a “party” favor such as a plant or seeds to represent new life.  This would be fun with kids because as the seeds sprout and grow, the discussion of new life can be carried on well past Easter!

religious easter coloring pagesgeneral-kids-coloring-pages-easter-disney-coloring-pages-easter-coloring-pagestheeasterstory1

5: The Egg Hunt:

We do an egg hunt for the kids as well.  This is mostly just for fun, but we sprinkle in some Christ-centered activities as well by often adding in Easter stickers (Crosses or phrases such as “He is Risen” or objects  (one year my sis-in-law made cross necklaces). In the future I want to put pieces of a Bible verse and then have the kids put the pieces together to make the verse (we’ll have to wait until they can read), or maybe even pieces of a picture that tell the Easter story.

What traditions do you do?  I’d love to hear more!

He is Risen!


3 thoughts on “{A Christ-Centered Easter for Toddlers}

  1. He is risen, indeed!

    I love the idea of everyone crawling into bed with mommy and daddy and watching the sunrise while reading/worshipping/whatever you end up doing. How awesome that you have such a great view from bed!

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