{Dreamcatcher – A Giveaway}

I’m a bit of a dreamer.

Are you?

I love whimsical stories and I love daydreaming.

I often ask my daughter if she had any dreams, but at just under three-years-old she hasn’t quite grasped the concept.

I know she has little dreams though.  She shares them.  Dreams of “climbing that mountain” and “going to Lukey-Caleb’s house”.  These dreams will grow and change as she does.

As a result of the daydreaming tendencies of the females in this family, I love whimsical art on my children’s walls.  I have some Katie Daisy art, some art by a local student from my church, and some pieces that purchased years before I was married in hopes that one day they would adorn a child’s wall (see . . . a dreamer I tell ya).

I was thrilled to receive a Dream Catcher wall hanging from my friend Anna.

She is one of those friends I have where our relationship is predominantly maintained through social media and I so wish she lived nearby for real life playdates and hang outs! She is a mama to one sweet little boy and to a little girl who will be making her appearance in a few weeks!

Her shop, Hug A Willow Tree, is full of fanciful and imaginative items for your kids!  Many of them are made from felt and they are so colorful and fun.

So many uses for them as well.  The dream catcher found it’s way to a spot above the toddler’s bed and she immediately fell in love with it.



Many of Ana’s products are great for parties or events, as photo props, or as gifts for little ones. Have a theme party coming up?  Want to get a jump on your Halloween costumes for next year?  Then you need to check out her shop.  Anna made Addie’s trick or treat bag to go with her Clifford costume this past Halloween and it was adorable!


So cute!

So, because I love Ana in all her crafty glory, we are doing a fun giveaway!


Today, Ana is giving away a Dream Catcher to one lucky reader!

Simply visit her shop, Hug a Willow Tree, and then come back and comment with your favorite product!  I think mine are the Parrot wings . . . or the flower headband . . . ok, I love them all.

// Winner will be announced on Friday! //


4 thoughts on “{Dreamcatcher – A Giveaway}

  1. I love that mountain shirt! Super adorable! I am always amazed at how talented some of these Etsy shop owners are. They make such simple things so beautiful!

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