{Cast Your Cares}

Life is full of cares isn’t it.

Great and small they crop up.

Daily cares.  Monumental life decisions or trials.

Thankfully, we have One who cares for our cares, however great or little they may be.

I find myself at a time where many cares threaten to burden me down.

They range from trivial to serious, but they all threaten to steal my joy and my rest.

So, I rest in the care of God and trust that He will sustain me.

We have new windows to install and numerous home and yard projects that we never seem to find time for.

We fear that should we conceive again, we may lose another child.

We have two cars with problems that need to be addressed, but little time or money to fix them.

We wonder about our future and our finances.

We have parties to plan, events to coordinate, weddings to travel to and attend.

We have side jobs looming and taking up much of our time.

But, you know what?  We have God and we have His promises!

Rest in that today, no matter your cares. DON’T BE SHAKEN.



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