Today is one of those days when the world seems alive.

It’s incredibly warm and a breeze is blowing.  The green grass on the hills seems to radiate its brilliance.

I watched baby horses and their mamas run and nuzzle on the hillside as I drove home from some park and lunch time with the girls and the hubby.

It was mesmerizing.  Those moments fill me up. Just ask my husband.  He knows the power that places of beauty have over me.  He’s heard me describe in detail the hues of an alpine lake or babble on incessantly about the many places I’d love to see.

I guess I was made to live outdoors, to live in an era where horseback riding was a daily thing, or to live out a Lucy Maud Montgomery novel among tall trees, wildflowers, and epic vistas. I even have a Pinterest board solely dedicated to beautiful places.

Moments and feelings like these revitalize me and energize me.

However, they also spark a flame.  It’s that restless flame that creeps up over and over.  The one that urges me to plan vacations.  The one that inspires me to head out to the beach or up a mountain.  It’s a good spark, but the fire can also be blown other ways by the wind.

It can be blown in the direction of restlessness and discontent.  A longing to live a life I am not living.  A desire for far off places that are out of reach.

So, I revel in the moments and breathe in the freedom I sense as I watch those horses run.  I dream of the beautiful places I have been and I thank God.  I savor the moment and the memories and cling to a hope for the future.

Our God is, after all, an awesome God. He made this beautiful earth and made in it reminders of himself and his awesome power.  I do not want to hold beautiful places and adventures higher than I hold my Lord.  I don’t want my joy focused more on those moments than on Him.

After all, those moments and those places?  They are fleeting.  They will pass away.  He never will.

“Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you.”

This phrase has a place on our wall for the year.  I definitely need the reminder. Do you?





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