It has been an interesting week.  I haven’t been at my best with my attitude and different worries have been plaguing me.

I feel drained and there is just SO MUCH going on these days between my online teaching, planning events, child rearing, and all the rest.  I need to just take a deep breath and LET GOD.

But, there is always always so much good, which is why I love instagram.  It highlights that good and reminds me how marvelous this life is that God has granted me.

We had lots and lots of outdoor time: playing with the water table, hiking, visiting the park, going on walks.  I may miss having “Real” weather, but sometimes sunshine in winter is nice.

5 3

My level of busy right now is crazy, but I found a VERY easy bread recipe (link HERE).  Hubby loves him some bread, so I made a loaf.  It’s so pretty.  My toddler doesn’t nap (but needs it) and that makes many of our afternoons rough. She miraculously napped the other day and then, of course, her sister did not.  So, I snuggled her on the couch and read her books rather than lamenting my unfortunate fate.




2 1

It actually rained a bit over the weekend, so we built a small fort and the girls basically lived in it and it was adorable. Also, during her quiet time, the toddler literally “read” this many books.  I kid you not.  She looked through each and every one.  She is her mother’s daughter.




7 6



Today is Friday and my parents are coming into town.  I am looking forward to some family time and celebrating my nephew’s 5th birthday. 5!  How that happened I have no idea!


How was your week?  Overwhelming, idyllic?  However it was, give it to Christ. It’s easier that way.  Promise.


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