Perspective can change a lot of things.

We know that.

That’s why I love photography (although I’m an amateur). When you zoom in, you can change an entire scene.  You can focus on the beauty of something rather than its flaws and that is always the good way to go.

So, even though we live on a small plot of land, in a tiny house, in a suburban neighborhood, I see sour grass growing tall and pigtails blowing in the wind as she “races” in her rain boots and overalls.  I focus on that, rather than the college rental across the street and the cars in the background. And, it makes me happy. Forget that our yard is the disgrace of the neighborhood, it is a playground for our girls.

_MG_4939 _MG_4940

I see happy kids and learning and playing outdoors and I can imagine we live on a farm or a ranch or on acres and acres of untouched land.  I can enjoy what I have, rather than longing for what I do not.

_MG_4943 _MG_4944 _MG_4947

I can see power lines and patched up roads and cracked driveways and dying plum trees. Or, I can see the hope of fruit on that tree and the beautiful mountain in the background and the gloriously bright blue sky. Perspective changes everything.


Sometimes, while walking, I pray to see with content eyes.  I thank the Lord for white picket fences covered in flowers and for a pine tree in a front yard.  I thank Him for the sound of birds chirping or a warm breeze sneaking behind the mountain. Those little things can fill my heart with gratitude and my soul with joy.  I need to focus my lens, and my perspective, more often.

Do you struggle with having the right perspective?  I read another great post on the topic HERE.  Lots of food for thought!



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5 thoughts on “{Perspective}

  1. Thank you for open the shutter of my eyes to magnify the perspective of God’s heart around me. The resulting heart of gratitude lifts our spirits and radiates the joy of the Lord. Thank you for this reminder. Just liked your Facebook page. I invite you to meander over to mine at Heart-Filled Moments.

  2. I love your perspective AND your photos, Jenny. We lived in a little 2-bedroom apartment until I was pregnant with #4, but we were very happy and content there. We had a little 2×2 patch of dirt by our front step that we planted flowers in, and a sandbox outside our backdoor for the kids to play in. They had lots of fun there, just like yours are having in the photos above. The memories of those days still make me smile.

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