{Pursuing Excellence and Why People Hate you for it}

I met up with a friend at the beach a few weeks. We’re very similar, she and I, and it is a shame that we don’t live closer.

We both have the tendency to want to try really hard in certain areas: motherhood, cooking, DIY, etc.  Not in a “working for our salvation” or a “legalistic” sort of way at all.  Merely because it’s just part of who we are.  Multi-tasking doers with a traditional or old-fashioned bent.

However, there is something very very sad about this and it is the way people often hate those who strive for excellence.

“Being real” and having a messy house is glorified.  However, if you keep your home clean or don’t discuss all the little annoyances of life then you are “fake” or a “goody goody” or a “show off”. We talked about this and she mentioned some good articles on the topic.

It’s ridiculous, really, and I am frustrated by it.

As Christians, shouldn’t we spur one another on towards excellence, rather than simply patting each other on the back for being mediocre?  Besides, simply because I find it important to put scripture around my house does not mean I think you are a heathen for not having it on your own walls.  I don’t hate you for not doing it, so don’t hate me for being different and pursuing what I feel the Lord wants me to do.

If I am outside of God’s law, by all means tell me.  However, if you are annoyed because I make bread from scratch, get over it.  I’m not saying anything about you and I’m not judging you.  I am pursuing excellence in my own way and as I feel led by God.

I think that is all I should say on the subject because I don’t want to come across as angry or bitter, but it does sting when people dislike you or mock you because of your earnestness to pursue blessing your family or your earnestness to do what you believe is right.  It especially hurts when it comes from the church.

So, rather than rant on, here are some good links on the topic.  Read these articles. Think about them.  Stop hating people who pursue excellence in their own unique, God-inspired way. Instead, be inspired, or seek after your own unique brand of excellence. It’s there.




XO Jenny


10 thoughts on “{Pursuing Excellence and Why People Hate you for it}

  1. oh man, I don’t think I had even thought about the not complaining/”being real” thing, but seriously! Do I often feel like posting or texting or some other method complaining to a friend about something in my day? sure, there are those moments. but I don’t. Well, I very rarely do. I try hard not to. I try my hardest to either just put the complaint/annoyance/frustration aside (just keep it between me and God) if that doesn’t work I talk to hubby. I rarely need to go further than that. I don’t think of myself as “fake” or not-real, so when people use “being real” as code for “blatent complaining” its hard for me. I hope that I don’t come across as hard or without compassion. But I do take the verse “do everything without complaining or arguing” pretty seriously!
    Oh crud. Am I complaining about people complaining? LOL! See, this is why I can’t comment on blogs any more… my flesh comes out too much! LOL.
    Keep pursing excellence. Colossians 3:23 says “whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as for the Lord, not men” (HCSB). Keep being enthusiastic. About your home, about your girls, about bread. AND you do not complain about having to make bread. That is key 🙂
    also, just read this post before reading yours. it was so good! kind of goes with the complaining/contentment issue 🙂


    • Love your comment. You are always such an encouragement. This post may have seemed harsh, but I hope it is challenging and enoucraging to people and can free them from feeling less than or judged by others who simply excel differently from them (I added a third link after you commented and it’s good, you should check it out). But, I need to not complain also! Thanks for your encouragement and good reminders!

  2. “As Christians, shouldn’t we spur one another on towards excellence, rather than simply patting each other on the back for being mediocre?” Yes, we should. That’s the whole point of one of my favorite passages, Hebrews 10:23-25. God calls us to “encourage one another, and all the more as we see the day drawing nigh.” So in that vein, I want to encourage you to keep up the good work, Jenny. I enjoyed this post (and I paint Scripture on my walls, too 🙂 ).

  3. Dear Jen:

    I was very touched by this post. Unfortunately, I know that at times I may have been the one making comments to those who have surpassed me in different areas of life. I think sometimes comments are compliments, but are tinted with insecurity and therefore are hurtful. Thank you for helping me to be more careful with my words.

    • I’m sure I’ve made them myself, if not out loud, then in my heart. But, that is just as wrong. I hope to keep this same attitude because I enjoy being inspired by others and i want to be motivated to pursue doing things with excellence rather than feeling “not good enough”. Others’ skills should encourage us, not hurt us. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Thank you for this post. I can tell you that I was buying into the “it’s ok if your house is messy” mindset for a while, but to me, it really isn’t. I am a grouch when my house is messy and I feel like I am drowning. Does this mean my house is always spotless? No, far from it! I have 5 kids, a new baby, and I am homeschooling. My house is definitely messy at times. But that isn’t what I should strive for. I know God doesn’t settle for mediocre and neither should I. Thank you for this encouraging post!
    -Miranda at http://rahabtoriches.com/

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