{Thoughts on a Windy Friday Afternoon}

I wasn’t going to post today, but Ellery is napping and Addie is “resting” in her room.  The wind is rustling the Eucalyptus leaves and the clouds are rolling in over the hills.  The sun is glowing through the white puffiness (sunshine seems to glow through almost-rainclouds rather than stream, doesn’t it).  I’m sipping decaf coffee and just resting a moment before I get started on the Pot Roast for tonight’s dinner.

Basically, I just had to write.  Had to. So, here’s a little peek into my life lately along with some random instas from the week:

1. I started reading Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Emily of New Moon over the weekend.  I’m smitten.  Of course.  Hence the extra hyper sensitivity to all things naturey and cozy.


2. I’ve worn the same pants all week.  My mama bought them for me off the clearance rack at Old Navy and they are stretchy and grey and wonderful. However, I might need to change up my outfit.

3. I “punished” myself for not getting up early today by denying myself a shower.  There’s just too much to do in a day and I typically shower during Elle’s morning nap, but now I sense that nap slipping away and I regret not using that time for more productive things.  So today there was no shower, but there was weeding and chicken feeding and yard tidying with the toddler.


4. It might rain this weekend and I am secretly thrilled.  I’m dreaming of cocoa and forts and movies and art projects and snuggling under blankets.

5. We need new windows, but will definitely need to do it ourselves.  I almost had a heart attack when I saw the quote for installation.  But, our girls’ room is an icebox at night and that just hurts my mama heart.


6. I am totally one of those “give a mouse a cookie” sort of people.  I started weeding the yard, so now I want to buy plants.  Then, I started piling up old pieces of brick and wood, so I want to clear it all out and finish our yard.  I started looking into windows, so now I want to pull all the siding off of our house.  When I say I want to do these things, I mean now.  I literally thought about the windows over the weekend and had a guy come give me a quote on Thursday. I don’t mess around.  It’s a blessing and a curse I tell ya.

7. I’m trying to be more brave when it comes to talking to strangers.  I am the sort who casts down her eyes and pretends to be busy when passing someone on the street.  It’s pathetic.  But, I’m shy and scared and don’t know what to say.  Yesterday while weeding I chatted with neighbors walking by.  It was so nice and I need to be more friendly more often.  2


One thought on “{Thoughts on a Windy Friday Afternoon}

  1. Glad you posted. Enjoy reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your realness (yes I know that is not a word, but it should be).

    Sent from my iPad


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