So, I have a question: How do you study the Bible?

There are a bajillion ways to do it, but still I struggle with it.  I am an avid reader and read “study books” all the time on marriage and motherhood or anxiety . . . the list goes on.  All of these books employ scripture in their teachings and some even have study guides or reflections that involve looking up additional passages.

However, when it comes to studying the Bible, I have never used one consistent method.  I have picked books at random to read, I have used reading plans.  Sometimes I underline or take notes.

I feel like not having a specific method or purpose to my Bible reading is what has made it more difficult for me to stick with it.  I try to stay consistent with my quiet times, whether that means Bible reading, reading a biblical book, praying, or journaling. However, studying the Bible in depth is much harder for me to do consistently.

I have recently come across some websites that offer great tips on methods for study as well as great resources.

Women Living Well is a great blog and resource and is connected with Love God Greatly.  They do online studies and offer all sorts of groups and monthly study plans or book studies.  They also use a method called the SOAK method for studying scripture and also offer a highlighting key for marking up your Bible.

The SOAK Bible Study Method

S – The S stands for Scripture

O – The O stands for Observation

A – The A stands for Application

K – The K stands for Kneeling in Prayer


I recently also discovered Little Bit Funky.  She uses a journaling Bible, which I love and want, to keep her focused on her studies and to help her dig deeper into the word. She has some great tips on pens and highlighters to use when Bible journaling and sells some great Bible study bags designed to carry your Bible and all your study materials.  They are seriously so cute.


(SOURCE: Little Bit Funky)



(SOURCE: Little Bit Funky)


I hope to internalize some of these methods and to be more consistent with my in-depth Bible studies while also continuing to read the books I love. Hopefully, these links will be a help to you as well!

In addition, here are some of my favorite books and authors to supplement your Bible study times:


Sacred Influence and Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson

A Woman after God’s Own Heart (and anything else by Elisabeth George)

The Shaping of a Christian Family (and anything else by Elizabeth Elliott)

Calm my Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow

Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph



2 thoughts on “{Study}

  1. I have to study and discuss and be held accountable. I attend Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) and Thursday morning bible study to have consistent homework to keep me accountable. All the various methods you mentioned are great. Seasons of life also dictate which ones we choose. The most important choice is to be consistent and stay in the Word.

  2. It varies. Before I had Jack…I’d push through and read the Bible cover to cover and journal lots! Ha! Now I do a chapter. I pick a book of the Bible. Read a chapter a day. When the book is done, pick a new one. I have always been a journal keeper. That’s where I “pray” as my quiet time. Try to usually make the prayer apply to the Scripture I just read. The journal entries are def. shorter then they used to be 😉 My quiet time is about oh….15 min. now a days. That’s all I got though in me. 🙂 I pray/confess little blips of things through out the day though. I feel like that constant communication is what really keeps me connected and “in tune” with God…and it’s something that is totally doable…mommy brain and all. I guess it’s like every good relationship right…good communication?!?

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