I made a promise to myself to have more adventures this year.

Of course adventures look a little different on a budget and with little ones in tow.

However, adventures we shall have. It may not be traveling to Kauai or Banff or even out of California, but it will be adventurous.

I want to seek out new places, immerse my girls in nature, and find the beauty in this place I now call home.




There’s this small pull out in the town where hubby works.  I’ve looked at it for the past few years as i drive out for weekly lunch with my man. I’ve wanted to go, but didn’t.  Silly me.

It is a web of oaks and moss and vines and sandy trails.



Addie had a blast running through it all and climbing over fallen branches. Even Ellery enjoyed running down the hills and digging into the soft earth with her chubby little fingers.

It was a beautiful place and we will return to explore more of the trails. The green and the quiet and the twisted tree trunks were just what I needed.


Adventures can teach our little ones so much.  They learn to entertain themselves outdoors.  They learn to love sunshine, or “blue sky” as Addie calls sunny days.  “It’s blue sky today!” They can learn about trees and rolly pollys and why it is important to stay within sight of your parents.  They can learn left from right as they navigate trails and they can learn the wonderful feeling of cool, soft dirt on their palms.


Can I pause for a moment to tell you that my hubby is a stud.  This picture.  That face.   Man, I love that man._MG_4922  _MG_4924

Addie started climbing a tree.  Tentatively at first and then with more excitement.  Even refusing to come down in order to leave.  New passions and interests can be born when one adventures.  Also, memories can be made and memories are sort of awesome.

_MG_4927 _MG_4928 _MG_4929

Where have you been seeking adventure lately?


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