I love Friday and I love it even more this week because it means I will see my family this weekend!  Hooray!


So, here’s a little recap for ya of our week in insta pics.  I’m jenanninga.  I really love instagram because it is a simple way to share special moments.


I’m linking up with Life.Rearranged today.


This little blondie kills me and dressing her is pretty fun!


We jokingly call Addie our “boy” sometimes as she is NOT afraid to get dirty and loves planes, garbage trucks, fire trucks, buses, and the like.  So a free kids building workshop at Home Depot was right up her alley.




My reminder this year: Rest in Jesus!


These two.  I so hope they become bff”s.  Some days I wonder and other days they play and hug and kiss. So, I’ll just pray and pray.


We showed a little birthday love to my mother-in-law.  Some homemade signs and cards. A Strawberry Sparkle Cake.  Notes and three handmade matching aprons (one for Grandma and one for each grandchild to keep at Grandma’s house).





Local adventures are fun.  This spot is right by hubby’s work and is complete with a view of the bay, the monolith, Eucalyptus trees, ducks, a turtle, and butterflies.  Sort of magical.


My toddler lets me do her hair.  So, I decided to get all Pinteresty and we did some fun hearts on Valentine’s day.  She was so proud of these hearts.


We also went to see Olaf whom she smiled and waved at, but WOULD NOT HUG!


Valentine’s for hubby and I meant gourmet burgers and using a gift certificate for some pottery action. Hubby threw pots in High School, but I was a total beginner.  It was a total blast and hubby now has the itch to start a new hobby.





I have been learning a lot about motherhood and my weaknesses and tendencies to struggle in certain areas.  It is really challenging me and changing a lot of little things around here.  On this particular day, she wanted to wash the dishes.  So, I let her.  a few basic instructions and then I left her alone do do as she wished and to foster that little helpful heart.


One of the moms at my church started a meetup group and she hosts all sorts of fun activities for kids.  On this particular day it was an instrument petting zoo.  Addie was so proud to make sound come out of that trombone!


Lastly, more adventures.  I need trees in my life.  And grass.  And fresh air.  NEED!




So, how was your week?  Any big weekend plans?


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