{What Makes it Good}

_MG_4634   “How was your day?” Hubby asks.

“Actually, today was a good day!” I say with a hint of surprise laced in my words.

Why the surprise?

Well, let’s be honest.Wiping bottoms, cleaning bathrooms, cooking, chasing around disobedient toddlers, and being unable to shower doesn’t usually top anyone’s To Do List or ideal plan for their day.

But, this is the reality of my days.  Oh, there is good.  SO. MUCH. GOOD. But, often something negative or hard can negate all the goodness and leave me with the aftertaste of a rough day.

So, it made me wonder.  How am I measuring the worth of my day?  The goodness of my day?  Am I measuring it in accomplishments or tasks completed?  Am I measuring it by my daughter’s obedience?


I am such a task oriented person, that if I don’t check things off my list, I feel like I’ve failed as a homemaker.

I also long for my daughter’s heart to be loving and sweet and obedient all the time, so when it isn’t I think I’ve failed as a mom.

This is often how I measure a day and if  I keep this measurement method I will continue to have bad days.

I don’t want bad days anymore.  I’m tired of bad days.

So, what makes a day good?


I need to stop measuring my days by variables.  Accomplishments and my children’s behavior can change and will change, but God is the same. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  He never changes.

So, I need to base the “goodness” of my days on Him.  Am I in His word, meditating on his law, or praying each day?

God commands that I, “be joyful always”(1 Thessalonians 5:16) and “rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4).

I want to practice this more.  So, last week when I was attempting to make THIS cake from scratch  (with a toddler “helping”) and it didn’t rise appropriately, I took a deep breath and piled the kids in the car to pick up more ingredients.  Then, I tried to make it with both kids awake (the baby skipped her long nap) and needing food and the second one didn’t rise appropriately. It was a long day of work, and baking, and fussy children and a day where I would typically have been in tears by the time hubby came home.

But, God.

That cake didn’t matter.  I even ended up being able to use the first cake I made and it was just fine.  My wasted trip to the store, didn’t matter.  God’s truth matters.  My fussy children don’t define my day.  God’s love and mercy defines it.

So, instead of having a meltdown, I clung to Him.  And you know what, it turned out to be a good day.  I didn’t allow myself to start down the road of frustration and anger and disappointment. Because that is a dangerous road and that road only ends in bad days.

Instead I embraced the truth that God is God even if my cake didn’t rise and even if my children were fussy.  Those circumstances?  They were temporary.  God’s love and mercy is forever. Embracing that truth each day can make my days good.  Each and every one of them.

How do you tend to measure your days?  What constitutes a good day for you?  Or a bad one?





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