{Rise & Shine}

I haven’t been very good at rising early since . . . well . . . kids.

It’s something I want to begin doing.

The baby will soon transition to just one nap per day and that will change life a lot.

My goal is to be showered and have read my Bible a bit before the kids are up (praying the shower won’t wake them up).  Maybe, depending on the kids, I can even start breakfast and have hubby’s lunch packed before they are up. We shall see.  They are sort of early birds lately. Brats.

Ultimately, I just want a less rushed beginning to our day.  I want to meet the morning with joy and I need to meet the Lord (with a warm beverage in hand) if I am to find that joy.

Are you a morning person?  I am, but in the sense that I am motivated and want to do ALL. THE. THINGS. at 7 am.  I am not good at being still in the morning (that is, unless i am being still in bed . . . under the covers . . . hiding from reality).

So, if you’re like me and trying to rise earlier, here is a little inspiration. Happy monday!

rise and shine


2 thoughts on “{Rise & Shine}

  1. I’m a pretty early riser I suppose. I enjoy it, I love having a full cup of hot coffee and some time in the Word before the girlies wake up. But keeping it real: it’s really because my husband gets up early that I can do it. On days he sleeps in, I hit snooze too. it’s so much easier to get up if he is already up! So, thankful that most days he is my alarm clock and working on still getting up early, even if he doesn’t have to that day. 🙂

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