{Love, Sweet Love}


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and although I don’t consider it a major holiday, I do enjoy celebrating it.

Last year I instituted a new tradition: The 14 days of love. However, with the miscarriages I got behind and didn’t really plan anything for it. Also, I can’t really justify spending money on little knick knacks this year, even if they will be cheap.

So, how do I plan to make my loved ones feel extra special this February?  Here are a few of the free and fun ways we will celebrate the day of love.

For the toddler:

  • Take her on one-on-one outings: bring hot chocolate to the airport and watch planes land and take off.
  • Do fun activities: Painting, stamps, and “making crafts” are special activities that she loves.
  • Go to her favorite places: The barn, the beach, the park, the store with the train table.
  • Find local, free activities: Free Home Depot kids’ workshop, Olaf Valentine party at a local toy store, etc.
  • Make special meals: heart shaped PB and J, pink pancakes, heart-shaped sugar cookies.
  • Make her a present: a handmade card, a dress or tent made with fabric on hand.

I’m excited to bless my toddler with these fun activities.  There is no need to wait until february to do these things and no reason to stop afterwards, but Valentines’ Day is a great reminder to put actions to our feelings.

I love my kids, but I loved my husband first and I want him to know it. I usually love buying him treats and cards during this time of year, but I’m keeping it simple this year . . . and FREE!

  • Make his favorite meals: Chicken pot pie, spaghetti, tri-tip, and any sort of homemade bread.
  • Make his favorite desserts: He loves having chocolate chip cookie batter prepped and ready in the freezer for a nighttime snack.
  • Give him freedom:  Send him out to play frisbee golf with friends or to meet a friend for coffee or to just do whatever he wants.
  • Help him (without complaining): Does he need your help with a boring or uninteresting task.  Do it . . . willingly.  Who knows, you may even have fun!
  • Let him pick the movie or show: Skip the romantic comedy and binge on Flea Market Flip and let him choose the show.
  • Do a task he normally does: take out the trash, wash his car, feed the chickens, etc.
  • Notes: in his lunch, on his steering wheel, beside the bed.  Leave him notes of encouragement or praise.
  • Since I want to keep this G rated, I’ll let you imagine other ways to show your hubby love on your own.  I’ll simply say this: initiate.

There you have it.  My simple and free plan for dedicating myself to showing my family love this month. How do you celebrate the day of love?  Do you go all out or keep it simple?  Do you skip this holiday or cover your home in pink and red hearts?

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