{Whatever You Do}

I took down our large family photo a few months back because it was an old one of the hubs, myself, Addie, and my preggo belly.  Poor second child still hasn’t made it in a formal family pic.

Well, technically we have taken some, but not one that I would put into a 16 x 20 on the wall to stare down on everyone.  I’m still working on getting a “frameworthy” photo of us.  It’s tricky because we won’t be having professional photos done anytime soon and a tripod and two crazy toddlers is a little tricky. For real.

Here is the proof:

_MG_3827 _MG_3823 _MG_3813

Yup.  Pretty much amazing photog skills, no?

So, in the meantime, I made a little printable to fill the empty frame. In retrospect I should have made it grey, black, or some color with white writing, but I’m living with it for now. Because money. It cost about $6 to print this bad boy at Costco and I made it via picmonkey. (Also, it took me almost three years to paint those frames white.  THREE YEARS!  They were bare wood before that).


REALITY CHECK . . . trash, dead flowers, clean (thankfully) laundry, toys, and crap that I am selling to other people today.


I love having this verse large and in charge on the wall because, I mean, duh!  Why is it that the simple truths are often so hard to remember? These 11 words could literally change my life!  If I choose to do all things for God’s glory – the dishes, the diapers, the cooking, the laundry, the disciplining – my attitude would change drastically.  My dedication and diligence would change. My heart would change!

So, here is the image for you in case you need the reminder as well.

Whatever you do, WHATEVER you do . . . do it ALL for the glory of GOD!



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