{Because I’m sure you Care}

Living in a town you did not grow up in is weird.

I always wonder how people view me.  I mean, they never knew me until I was in my mid-20’s!

I always feel like I am probably viewed quite a bit differently than people in my hometown or my lifelong friends would view me.


So, I made a little comparison list of what people might think of me.



(Cindy Brady?  Nope.  Me in the 80’s!)

New Town: Rude or Awkward.

Old Town: Shy.

Lifelong Friends: Sheltered.


New Town: Boring.

Old Town: Sweet.

Lifelong Friends: Outgoing and weird.


(I literally can not believe my body could once do that. Note to self: keep photo for proof)

New Town: Enjoys christian music on Pandora.

Old Town: Had some good cheerleading moves.

Lifelong Friends: Girl will belt it in the car and bust a move to a sick beat or make a Shakira music video for Spanish class with the best of them.


New Town: Mom.

Old Town: Babysat since the age of 1o and taught all the Sunday School classes.

Lifelong Friends: Dreamed of being a mom and obsessed over baby names since childhood. Like, literally looked through baby name books and made lists . . . for fun.




(I look thrilled.  I probably had to skip a sleepover for this.  #teenageangst)

New Town: Drives a responsible looking Buick.

Old Town: Rebuilt a classic Mustang with her dad.

Lifelong friends: Knows how to take a back road corner with the window down and her hair blowing in the wind.

42 51

(Please note my fashionable faux velour sweatsuit.  Thank you)

New Town: Her family lives far away.

Old Town: Raised in the church and everyone knows her family and loves them.

Lifelong Friends: Mom is a breast cancer survivor, loves her brothers live nobody’s business.



(Check that concentration.  I mean, that level of concentration is what it takes to get 2.5 cm off the water.  Skillz)

New Town: Teaches online, stays home with kids and doesn’t get out much.

Old Town: Travels frequently with family and goes camping.

Lifelong friends: Always dreamt of living on a farm, and riding horses. Loves camping, hiking, and not-showering while camping.


See what I mean?!  Making this new life in a new town is sort of weird because I have no history here.  Although everyone at my church knows my husband, they don’t know me.  I don’t have free reign of the offices and work spaces at my church now.  I’m not, “Becky’s daughter”.  I’m not, “The girl with the Mustang.”

Even my hubby only knows those parts of me through stories and pictures!

What do you think?  Do you still live in your hometown?  Did you move far away?  Is it different for you?  Are you different because of it? Is there some secret fact about you that nobody knows?!

Come on, I gave away my secrets (I mean, the velour sweatsuit?), what are yours?


4 thoughts on “{Because I’m sure you Care}

  1. I always leave a comment on your blog. Ha! So I have to say that going back to SLO actually feels weird now because I’m a lot different then I was when I lived there…ie. married and a kid. Also I will never forget how my good friend in San Francisco said that when she first met me she thought I was “intimidating and could care less what other people thought”. Well, the 2nd part might be true, ha!, but I felt so sad thinking that’s how I came off to strangers. So I really try to smile more and not look so serious. I’m also starting to think that I will be more social and outgoing again when I’m not so darn distracted by kids. 🙂

    • Haha! I think sometimes I look intimidating because I myself am intimidated and I don’t talk when I meet people. I’m so nervous s bout not knowing what to say that I don’t say anything. Good thing I’m married to a guy that everybody likes!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I grew up here, but I would definitely say that very few people who I’m friends with now know who I was growing up. I’m definitely not the same person, either. I didn’t meet Josh until high school, and I didn’t meet Sharon (who I’d say is my closest friend, besides my mom, of course) until about 8 years ago, so even they weren’t around for my childhood years.
    Side note, Anna, I totally have the serious resting face too. I swear I’m not mad! Just relaxed! 😡
    And Jenny, people used to think I was stuck up because I never talked to anyone, when really I was just painfully shy. So I totally get how you feel meeting new people! Small talk is just the worst! I always appreciate that I can just quickly drop something off at your house and we don’t hade to “catch up” every single time. 🙂 We can save it for girls nights or when we’re actually hanging out.

    • So true! I am different now, but I think a lot of my past contributes to who I am now. It’s just a funny thing coming from a place where you are well known to a place where you are unknown. Especially when you are shy! So hard for people to get to know me!

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