Oh hey, insta-friday, it’s been awhile.

Do you instagram?  I do!  It’s sort of like mini-blogging in my mind.  Small snippets of people’s lives, quick bits of encouragement; I like it a lot.

So, today I am linking with Life.Rearranged to share my week (weeks? months?) via instagram.

I’m jenanninga if you want to follow.

I pulled some instas from last month as well because I do believe I have not done an insta-friday yet in 2015!

Addie adores her cousins.  We had a blast all being together for Christmas this year at my parents’ house.  They made pancakes together one morning.  It was pretty much the cutest.


Then, out little fam bam snuck away to celebrate the new year.  We found a great deal for our favorite hotel in Yosemite, The Wawona, and we introduced the girls to snow.  It was just the breather I needed to start the year.


Dear other urban chicken owners: Do your chickens stalk you?!  Mine do!  I swear they are fed and have water and even get kitchen scraps and free ranging time.  It’s super creepy and sometimes they even jump up on the patio table and stare at me through the window.  Why?!  This day they were pecking on the door.  I kid you not.


I mean. I sorta think she’s going to be beautiful, which is why I am extra concerned about molding her soul.  She’s a fiery, wild one and I want all that passion and energy to be channeled for good.  Being a mom is scary sometimes!


Then there was the day we went to the beach . . . in January.  Sorry east coasters! (I don’t actually know if any east coasters read my blog, but I want to be polite, you know). It was a seriously gorgeous day and Addie played contentedly with sand or in the waves while Ellery ran EVERYWHERE chasing seagulls and yelling at the top of her lungs. Classy.


These breadsticks are delish.  You should make them for sure.  I feel like I have really progressed in my cooking skills and efforts during my past four and a half years of marriage.  It’s been great and I love it and someday I’ll tell you more about it and about how watching The Pioneer Woman Cooks episodes changed my life.  For now, though, just make the breadsticks.


This book.  Have I mentioned it before?  Please, please do yourself a favor and buy it.  I am only half way into it, but I cry in pretty much every chapter and it rejuvenates and motivate me every time I open it up.  I know I will read it over and over and over. (The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson).


We have a train lover in the family now.  It may be bordering on obsession.  Truly though, it is adorable.  In fact, my mom scored a Thomas the train back pack for Addie for $4 at the thrift store today and it has pretty much been glued to her all day.  I love that my daughter loves all the things that other people use to classify their boys as “all boy”.  That’s my girl.


Maybe she “got it from her mama”, eh?  This was one of my Christmas presents.  A palm sander.  I’m already at work sanding tables and chairs and I have approximately 15,000 other projects in mind.


Let’s be honest.  I started strong with the preschool homeschool when Elle was on a three nap schedule.  Buuuut . . . it has been hard to keep up.  So, I’m trying again.  Keeping it simple and informal while also being intentional.  This was the easiest activity and Addie had a total blast.  I just pulled out all the number and letter magnets we had and then taped construction paper to the table with the alphabet and numbers written on them.  She matched them up.  That was it.  Simple.


If you read consistently, then you know I suffered my second miscarriage in three months last week.  I’m still recovering and it has been so hard, but oh the blessings.  So many of my friends brought meals and groceries and treats and cards and flowers and I literally don’t know how I would have made it through without them.  They were being the hands and feet of the church and it is a beautiful thing to witness.


I am so glad that my girls are close in age and I know that soon they will be able to play together more easily, but some days I get tired of the constant referee business.  So, moments like this are ones I tuck in my heart to fuel my hope for their future.


I went downtown for a bit by myself for a haircut (My first “real” haircut in years.  I’m so fancy). while there, I felt the urge to purchase a little something for the baby we lost.  I just wanted that little one to know that they were loved.  I also wanted to show God and the world that although my heart was aching I truly do have hope that there will be more babies in my future and that this hurt will be healed.


Praise God for the precious babies I already have.  Their sweetness, their craziness.  It’s pretty wonderful.  The littlest is learning new things every day and she sure is proud of it.  She climbed in and out of this chair for about fifteen minutes to show off her new skills.


I am finally seeing this one show a little interest in dolls and small babies (Ellery doesn’t count for some reason, ha). So, we strapped a doll on for a little baby wearing and there were many discussions about how important it is to take care of and love our babies.


Phew, that was a lot.  Are you still there?  What was you favorite part of January?


2 thoughts on “{insta-love}

  1. Ok, so do you actually like Thomas the Tank Engine? I cannot stand it! It’s my least favorite show to watch with my nieces and nephews and I find it to be the creepiest kids show ever!

    • I hate the claymation ones . . . super creepy. But, I do like the computerized ones. The “movie” ones are the best out of them all. I DON’T like Daniel Tiger very much (it turned Addie into a temporary brat until I cleansed it out of her system by a major Daniel Tiger detox and we pretty much only watch Curious George, Clifford, or some Disney movies here and there. I am picky about shows.

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