{Quick Ways to Earn Cash}


So, I mentioned our current financial bind in my post the other day.

We are only on year two of me working from home instead of teaching in public schools.  This has meant a lot of things financially:

1. Kids: They cost money (duh).

2. Less income (like whoa).

3. Crazy expensive health insurance costs (double whoa).

4. 1099 on taxes (say hello to owing instead of refunds).

So, with all the inconsistencies and insecurities of the working from home, multiple online jobs life, here are some quick ways that I make a little extra cash around the house.

Basically, it is ONE way, but I use a variety of methods.


You heard me right: Sell Yo’ CRAP!

Don’t deny that you have crap because we all do.

The best part about this is that as soon as you begin, you will find more and more crap that you can get rid of and get money for.

The four main PLACES I SELL things are as follows:

1. Ebay: I have even given into buying their shipping and printing their labels and just setting the package on the porch for the mailman. So easy!  I have sold books, baby items we no longer need, and more!

2. Amazon:  I mostly sell books on amazon.  When you ship books, be sure to select media mail as it is the cheapest! Also, always go to the post office instead of fed ex; it is WAY cheaper.

3. Craigslist:  Obvs.  Pictures always help.  I never even click on ads without pictures. This is the technological age, peeps.  Add a picture.  It takes three seconds.

4. Facebook selling pages:  Usually your county or city will have one.  Look it up.  This is where I make the most of my money.  They are often referred to as a Buy/Sell/Swap page.  Sometimes there are even separate ones for baby and kid items.  I have sold clothes, toys, decorative items, furniture, fabric and more on this facebook page.  It’s so easy!  I can upload the pictures from my phone and schedule pick-ups from my phone.

Ok, so now that you know where to sell, here are a few tips for HOW TO SELL:

1. Before you give away an item, consider what you would pay for it.  I posted a lace dress the other day for $5.  It sold.  I could have just given it to Goodwill, but I thought it was worth a shot, and it worked.  I have sold so many things that in the past I would typically have just given away.

2. Price to sell.  Think of the ideal amount that you would like to get and then price it a bit lower.  If it doesn’t get any interest after a few days, drop your price. Something is better than nothing.

3. $4 is still $4.  Some people probably wouldn’t sell things because they think it isn’t worth much, but money adds up.  Math is crazy like that, eh.  Before our trip to Yosemite last month, I sold multiple items that were all less than than $5 each.  I made over $2o total, which we used for food on our trip.  Plus, $4 is a latte, my friends. Worth it. This week I have made over $71 dollars selling crap, and it is only Wednesday!

4. One other technique that I have only tried a few times is finding free stuff on Craigslist, or the side of the road (yes, I have no shame) and then selling it for a really cheap price.  I got a little side table for free last month, spray-painted it blue and sold it for $15. BOOM.  I also grabbed a free coffee table across the street a few months back and then didn’t want it anymore and sold it for $6. Double Boom.

Finally, how to make the money you earn actually help you financially.


1. Make a plan: That is basically it.  Before I finalize a sale I determine what the money is for.  Sometimes I use it for groceries or miscellaneous household needs.  Sometimes it is designated as “treat” money and used for a smoothie or coffee out.  Other times it will be deposited into the bank when I know a large purchase is looming.  I have also started jars and folders for “gift money”, “clothes money, or “date money”. Having a plan allows the money to add up before I spend it on something unnecessary. Since some of my sales are online, the money is transferred to my paypal account.  Sometimes I transfer it directly to my bank account, so I won’t spend it on something frivolous or consider it “extra money” when it really isn’t.  Other times, I use it to buy something I have been wanting for awhile.  This week, I bought my first pair of “nice” sunglasses since before Addie was a baby and I found some $7 knock-offs at TJ Maxx. Ha Ha!

So, if you find yourself in a bind or if you are dying for a pair of Fossil shades like me or you just really want a guilt-free latte, I hope these tips are helpful for you!

Here is one last extra money-making tip for you: Recycle your cans!  Hello peeps, this is ridic easy.  Hubby and I make between $6 – $10 every two months doing this and we usually blow it on a Venti Mocha Frapuccino, but you better believe that frap tastes extra delish since we basically got it fo’ free!  I leave you with one last deep thought:


You’re welcome.


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