{Morning Moments}

I love the way that life slows down on the weekends.  No rushing about making the husband’s breakfast and lunch before he heads to work, while also getting babies out of bed.

Instead, it’s coloring together at the table while sipping coffee and cocoa or sharing scrambled eggs on the couch with the toddler before playing Duplos on the rug.

Addie had on an adorable robe that has been passed down to all the girl cousins in hubby’s family and was sipping her cocoa so carefully, I couldn’t resist a few “real camera” photos!

I love how something as simple as drinking cocoa from a “grown-up” mug can produce a magical moment. There is just something about morning sunlight and sweet babies that warms my heart!

Today is Monday and my girls seem to be a bit under the weather, so I’m looking for ways to make it a magical day.  We’ve snuggled on the couch and watched Thomas.  Soon we’ll drink tea and honey.  Then, I am planning to paint and draw and create with the toddler.  She loves a good “art project”.

It’s important for me to remember that the magical moments I seek are within reach.  Really, so simple.  The things that awe a two-year-old are usually simply and completely attainable.  I need to strive to make more magical moments in our days!

I’m also striving to capture some of these moments with more than a cell phone pic and to frame them and place them around the house!

How do you make every day moments magical?  Are you good at printing out pictures?  I hope your Monday has some wonderful moments.  Look for them; I’m sure they’re there.

_MG_4788 _MG_4790 _MG_4794

_MG_4794_MG_4797 _MG_4799 _MG_4800 _MG_4803 _MG_4805 _MG_4808


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