{Summer in January}

We live in a mild climate.  It rarely gets extremely cold or extremely hot.  Sometimes I secretly – ok, not so secretly – despise this.  I crave the change of seasons and, let’s be honest, an excuse to stay inside wearing sweats and watching a movie while it pours rain outside.

However, sometimes, an unseasonably warm day can be just what I need to rejuvenate and feel inspired with the world again! Dramatic, I know, but weather can really impact my mood!

Our January has been full of sun-shiney days and temperatures in the 70’s and creeping up to the 80’s on some days!

Now that hubby is no longer working on weekends, we are able to have some more family time.  Combine that with warm weather and you get a summery day at the beach!





The girls had a blast and I was having all sorts of nostalgic flashbacks to our honeymoon in Kauai.  Of course, that led led to me planning the Hawaii 2016 trip, which I realized later is a major pipe dream.  Hello dollar signs!

One of my goals for 2015 (I refuse to call them resolutions because that is too absolute and leaves no room for error!) is to have more adventures . . . locally.  I want to love where I live.  I want to immerse myself in it instead of spending my days longing for trees and mountains and rivers.  I love those places and I will visit them, but I LIVE here.  Having more adventures is a way for me to fight the discontent and raise my children to love the outdoors and to love adventuring even if they don’t live in a place full of rugged terrain and mind-blowing vistas.

Chasing seagulls, playing in the waves, and building sand castles was a simple and wonderfully relaxing start to that goal! I can’t wait to do it again. Here’s to adventures!    _MG_4758 _MG_4761 _MG_4763 _MG_4773 _MG_4775 _MG_4777 _MG_4780 IMG_4783 _MG_4771



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