{Their First Snow}

To start off January, we took a little family trip to “the snow”.

I planned a trip to Yosemite.  We found a great deal for our favorite hotel: The Wawona.  We borrowed snow clothes and packed chains, and – oh yah – California is in the middle of a drought!

We did find snow, but it was pretty icy.  However, our little ones didn’t know the difference and it was still a fun little getaway for us.  We love Yosemite, we love the old charm of the Wawona.  If you’ve never been, you must check it out!

We spent the day roaming around the valley and then headed up to the Wawona, which was still decked out for Christmas! We put the girls down for bed and then bundled up and drank hot cocoa on the porch in 36 degree weather!  The next day we headed higher to find snow and then wrapped our excursion with a stop at the giant sequoias.

Being in the mountains and surrounded by trees always invigorates me!

We didn’t take many photos, but I had to capture a few of our girls’ first experience with snow.


Snow baby!




This girl has awesome aim with a snowball.


IMG_4695 _MG_4696 _MG_4698 IMG_4700

Making snow angels!


Can you see the snowball mid-flight?




Happy Winter!


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