It’s friday.

I spent pretty much the whole day running errands, which is big for me.  I usually don’t go anywhere!

My kids were troopers, but it has been a long day and I’m not feeling well, so I’m ready to drink cocoa, eat carrot cake, and watch Once while I grade and work online.

Hubby is working late and then working all day tomorrow, but then SUNDAY!  Sunday is church and fellowship, and the Thanksgathering!  I’m so looking forward to it!

How has your week been?  Are you prepping for Thanksgiving yet?

Here’s a peek into our week via instagram photos (I’m jenanninga if you want to follow).


There was a PRO-AM golf tournament over the weekend that hubby really wanted to go to.  We loaded up the girls and went out to the local country club.  Addie was enthralled and soooo well behaved.  The weather was beautiful, and there were trees, and everything was green!  I loved that part of it.


Hubby has been on a roll with projects around here!  He brought this piece of wood home from work awhile back and I stained it.  My friend Ashley (who has an awesome sign shop on etsy) made me the vinyl numbers.  Now, all that is left is hanging it!




I really regret not rocking this one to sleep more, but with a crazy toddler running around it hasn’t always been an option.  So, I turned on a cartoon for said toddler and rocked the wee one to sleep.  It was heaven.



Speaking of the toddler.  She had a rough morning of dropping a heavy stool directly onto her big toe.  So, we made cake.  Then, as it was baking, I realized the date was her exact half birthday!  So, I stuck a candle in the mini-cake I had made her and she blew it out.  It was such a simple way to make her happy.

I also love the gallery wall behind her that we recently finished.  The last piece was the number 5.  It represented our family and despite my miscarriage, I can’t bring myself to take it down.



We’ve been cruising in the Mustang lately, which is always fun.  Inconvenient with kids, but fun.  Like, the guy at Costco gas knows me:

“So you have two kids now!”  and then a five minute conversation about Mustangs.

Or the cart pusher at Michaels- a teen-aged boy – “Nice car!”

I will admit: it makes me feel cool . . . and young.



We host a growth group every Tuesday and this year we have been doing potluck style dinners every week.  This week was mac ‘n’n cheese week. A few of us made mac ‘n’ cheese and the other brought veggies, salad, and dessert.  Oh, and I made cider.  It was delish! Also, autocorrect annoys me to no end!



Little blondie turned 11 months!  What?!  Invites for the first birthday are out.  I can’t believe it!



Lastly, this moment.  I think my caption was something about my heart almost bursting.  But truly, it was one of those perfect moments.  It was cloudy, grey, and cold outside.  I had the netflix fire on.  I was drinking tea.  Addie was still napping, and this one was quietly looking at books. It was just A. MOMENT.



Did you have any great moments this week?


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