{Thankful Tree}

Thanksgiving is almost here!

What are your plans?

We are in that stage where plans fluctuate as old traditions change and new ones are created.  This year we will be at Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.  The family we join with consists of second and third cousins that we only see once every couple of years.

As a shy person, this is a challenge for me.  This year, however, I am trying to be more proactive.

So, I miss my Thanksgiving?  I would do it differently.  Ok, then, quit being a bystander and DO SOMETHING!

I decided that I want to be more of a presence (as much as my shy and awkward personality will allow), so I am planning some activities for the kids, bringing the focus of the day to Christ, and hoping to offer to take family photos of the relatives as well!

All that to say: Here, I made these thumbprint Thankful trees.

HA!  If you know anything about Pinterest, you know that the thumbprint tree is old news.  However, I thought using it in place of a thankful tree would be fun.  I’ll have everyone add a green, red, yellow, brown, or orange thumbprint to the tree and then I can take it home to scan and email to all of the families.  They can then print it and use it as fall decor is they want.  I will send the original to the matriarch of the family.

It’s simple, it’s fun; and it reminds us why we ought to be thankful (thanks to the scripture at the bottom).  Feel free to download and use these printables for yourself!

How about you?  Starting any new traditions this year?

thanksgivingtree5 thanksgivingtree3


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