It has been a strange week and I was so ready for Friday.  I just kept telling myself, “Once 5:30 hits, my husband will be home and he won’t be leaving me all weekend”.  I just need him right now.

In fact, I burst into tears just before posting this.  After all, my first ultrasound was scheduled for this coming Wednesday, and we were planning on announcing my pregnancy.  Instead, I am, “monitoring” my healing and calling the doctor back next week for an update on my miscarriage.  It’s a hard thing. I am really wanting my healing to be complete, so I can move forward.

But, my daughters have brought me such joy this week and so many people have sent kind words, prayers, food, texts, cards, and cookies.  We have felt so loved and encouraged.  And, it rained (A California miracle)!

My life is so full of blessings that I feel as if I shouldn’t be sad, as if I’m not allowed to be sad.  I know that’s not true; that God knows my pain.  But, I also know that I do have much to be grateful for. So very, very much!

A rare rainy day called for her first hot chocolate.  She was so proud!


Also, she is apparently fearless. Python?  King Snake?  Gecko? Bearded Dragon?  Begging to hold them.  Giggling at them.  Didn’t want to give them back!  She amazes me.


Friends and breakfast for dinner is always a good idea.


This scene.  It’s one of my favorites.


At two-and-a-half, she has become an awesome helper.  Give her a task and she is ALL over it.  Helping Daddy fix the tail light was the high point of her day!


She also “helped” Daddy make these amazing shelves.  Plumbing pipes and fittings and stained wood.  BOOM.  Oh, and the tags still on because I hate peeling sticky tags off!


The little one’s personality is coming out in full force these days.  When Addie saw the yogurt on Ellery’s face, she declared, “Oh, baby is a kitty!” It cracked me up.


Like I said, people have poured out love on us.  My friend Aimee called on Monday and said, “Just calling to let you know I’m driving to your house to being you dinner right now.”  It was the sweetest.  Then, my sister-in-law brought dinner, snacks for Addie, treats, and flowers.  Another friend volunteered to make food.  Another friend stopped by with cookies and a card.  We are so thankful for our church community and our family.


So much grading!  sometimes I get frustrated and bitter when I think of moms who don’t have to do this and everything else I could be using this time for, but this job is a major blessing to our family and we absolutely need it, so I am trying to stay positive! Plus, middle school writing is always hilarious to read.


Her new favorite: Puppet shows.  I literally took five minutes to {crookedly} sew some curtains and place them on a tension rod.  Then, I grabbed a pair of my socks and gave Addie the fabric pens to make her “Puppets”.  I named them Poppy and Boppy and she requests shows all day.  It is fun, but my forearms are exhausted!


Today we are going to watch a PRO-AM golf tournament.  I know, we’re cool.  What are your weekend plans?


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