{10 months}


How have ten months passed already?!

This little one is seriously a delight and such a charmer.  She is pretty much happy all the time although she has started to voice her opinion: when we don’t feed her fast enough or a large enough amount, when her sister takes her toys, or when we remove a dangerous item from her clutches!

It’s been fun to see how much more she and her sister are playing together and how Ellery just think Addie is the most hilarious person ever.

I do believe our little angel is teething, so maybe more than two teeth are in her future!

All in all, it has been a wonderful 10 months and I am so thankful for our little blondie.


10MONTHSELLEFAITH  _MG_3728 _MG_3729 _MG_3730 _MG_3731 _MG_3735 _MG_3737 _MG_3740 20141019_162122 _MG_3757


I didn’t take a comparison photo this month, so this adorable shot will have to suffice!




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