I am well aware that it is not friday.  I actually even know the date (but that may just be because yesterday was Halloween and today is the first of the month).  Oh well.  You can’t win ’em all.

I’m linking up to share some insta shots from the past couple week!

Apple picking!  This photo is basically my childhood dream.  Picking apples straight from the orchard with adorable baskets, sigh.


Someone was under the weather for a couple days and actually fell asleep on me.  I may have liked it just a wee bit.


10 months old.  Not okay.


I posted this photo with a comment about my nice view.  I meant my kids, but everyone commented on the table, so I felt vain.  Like, did people think I was commenting on my house-decorating skills?!  Cause I wasn’t.  But, since the table was so intriguing, here is the info:  My parents found it FO’ FREE!  I sanded it, stained it, painted it.  BOOM.  New table.


Went to a nearby beach that I Never go to.  Why not?  It is amazing!

i9 i8

We wrapped up October with pumpkin carving and painting.

i7 i6

The cousins came over for a few hours and we did “art projects”.  They picked out their own animals for animal masks and we covered sticks in yarn.  Fancy, I know.  Take that, Pinterest!


Lunch with daddy is always a fave and he is so good about finding fun places for us to go.


Hubby and I baked together.  This is rare.  I do all of the meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking around these parts.  However, he was invested.  After watching a Pioneer Woman cooking show with me and salivating through it, I decided to make her Strawberry Sparkle Cake for my sis-in-law’s birthday.  He loved the idea and we had fun making it together from scratch!


We did our trick or treating in the first rain in almost a year!  What an adventure!

i2 i1

Did you dress up for Halloween?  Are you looking forward to November?  I am!


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