It has been a long time since I’ve done insta-friday, so be prepared for a million pics and realize that I gave up and left out a week or so because there were too many pics.  I have an instagram problem.

I blame it on my lifelong love of photography and my childhood dream of being a photojournalist.  Instagram allows me to be the photojournalist of my own life!

We’ve been spending a lot of time outside lately, since summer is apparently NEVER ENDING!  It’s been fun to see Ellery enjoy the outdoors and to watch the girls play together (even if it means splashing in muddy water).

insta 27

Apparently splashing in muddy water is a trend.  We went to the beach and Elle was beside herself with joy at all the mucky sand!  She is also beside herself with joy when we put to her sleep in the same room as her sister.  She is totally the troublemaker at bedtime!

26 25

Addison has found a new love: horses.  I am so proud.  I have been a horse lover for as long as I can remember.  I use to daydream about galloping across open meadows! Of course, I did not like the fact that her love of horses led her to clim into the horse pasture (thankfully my brother was there and grabbed her).  But, I did love watching her first pony ride at our church’s Fall Kickoff! I also love watching her friendships grow.

24 23 22 21

Growth group and girls’ Bible Study are back at it.  Hosting is often a lot of work, but we love it.  Our group is amazing and these times are so refreshing for us!  Also, barely cracked open this book (we don’t officially start until next week), but I think I’m going to love it.

20 19

Hubby and I had an anniversary the first week of October and we splurged on a fancy dinner that included a rooftop dining experience.  It was lovely.

18 17

Here’s my little pumpkin!  She is pretty much always this happy.  Also, we picked out our pumpkins a few weeks ago.  Now I need to clean ’em up and then we can carve them.  Or paint. Or bedazzle.  Or something.

16 15

There is this awesome hidden park near us and we snuck out on a warm evening and had the place to ourselves. Our little wild one loved the tire swing.  She also loves TuTus and fireman hats, which she wore to the grocery store. She also likes to take her own shopping cart to the grocery store and it is super adorable and also an awesome way to keep her well behaved! How to keep her napping, however, I have no idea.  Last week she went to bed at 10 pm and was up at 5:30 the next morning and lo and behold she took a nap RIGHT NEXT TO ME . . . WHILE I TAUGHT ONLINE.  I was shocked!  I was also thrilled because not-napping is not cool.

13 11 10 8

I’m a book lover, but more and more I find myself reading Bible study books instead of “just for fun” fiction.  So, I am excited to combine the two in “Stepping Heavenward”. Books are a big deal in this house and we are trying to make Ellery love them as much as Addie and I do.

7 6

This day was a good day.  Adorable baby and a dancing daughter.  I made her some ribbon rings and she has been requesting to put on her tutu, turn on music and dance every day since!

5 4

I hosted a fun garden-themed baby shower last weekend!  It was so fun!  I love planning parties.  Thankfully, a certain someone will be turning one soon.  That certain someone loves her Daddy as you can see.

3 2

You wanna know the truth about this next one?  This was a dark day.  The youngest fell asleep way past her morning nap time, which meant she was up later and down again later and awake when I was trying to get the older one to nap, and woken up by the older one not-napping. Fun plans had to be cancelled and mama was at her wits end and was not very nice and not very in control of her emotions.  Some deep breaths, some prayers, and some macaroni necklace making came to the rescue.  I find that when I am struggling the most emotionally as a mama is when I need to do something.  Relaxing and giving up only make me more upset.  So, we did a craft and I wrote encouraging notes to other mamas.  Nothing like perspective to shake you out of your selfish pity party!


And, you know what?  Both of my kids are napping right now and this afternoon we are going to pick apples in an orchard, so all is well with the world again!

Any grand weekend plans?  We have a birthday celebration and I need to get to work on a fun project!  Whatever you do, enjoy it!


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