{It’s Not Too Late}

This is for you.


The mom who thinks she messed up.  The mom who feels guilty.  The mom who attributes her child’s difficulties to her own failings.

It’s not too late.

I posted last week about “my roots” and how I’ve been cleaning them up.  What I didn’t say is how it has been changing my toddler.

Oh, she still skips naps, points me square in the face and says “no”, and refuses to eat ANYTHING.  But.  There is something softer growing there.

There have been uninitiated “I Love You”‘s, requests for back scratches, requests to be rocked, more snuggles, more, “OK, Mom”‘s.  Enough that I noticed.

The other night I spilled out some fears to my husband.  Would I not have a strong bond with my daughters since i couldn’t really nurse past 9 months?  Would they not love me as much since I worked part-time during their infancy?

No.  He answered as he showered me with encouragement. (I love that man).

However, there have been other fears.  Fears about how my impatience has shaped our toddler.  Fears about how my busyness has made her not depend on me. Fears about our connection when I hear her say, “Mom, mom. Put your phone down.”

So, I made some changes and I see the fruit.

Know this.  It is not too late.  It is never too late.  That is what grace is.  It is given to the undeserving.  God gives grace.

I made mistakes.  I messed up.  I looked my failures in the eye and accepted them.  Then, I made a change and I prayed.  Oh, how I prayed.

Grace was given. It wasn’t too late.

What do you regret.  Where did you mess up – because, let’s be real , we all do-? Give it to God and replace it with grace.  It’s not too late.



** Check out this post to help you as you strive to make your home a haven. http://womenlivingwell.org/2014/10/making-home-haven-week-2-music/


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