{9 months}


Well . . . I spaced and missed Elle’s 9 month appointment last week.  Yup.  So, no new stats for this post, but it’s safe to say she is growing by leaps and bounds.

I know I say this frequently, but she is truly just an adorable ball of sweetness and such an easy, happy, darling little child!

However, photo sessions are much more challenging.  Enjoy the *literally* one okay shot I got and then a TON of outtakes.  The second I lay her on her back she flips over, I roll her back and she cracks up and rolls over, thinking it is a game.  It’s adorable, but sure makes this photo project tricky.

I can’t believe that in 3 months she will be 1!9monthsellery  _MG_3443 _MG_3444 _MG_3446 _MG_3448 _MG_3453

addieandellery9months28months_MG_3462 _MG_3467 _MG_3468 _MG_3475 _MG_3488 _MG_3502


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